Meier shoutout to The Having of Wonderful Ideas

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Posted by Alythea

“The heart of being an
educated person lies precisely in the nuances that separate our choices.
Let’s be cautious about aligning everything into a seamless garment” (Deb Meier,  2011).

In this week’s Bridging Differences, Deborah Meier wrote briefly of Eleanor’s The Having of Wonderful Ideas! I was thrilled to see this and encourage everyone to check it out.

Jen Killpack

I’m very interested the “nuances that separate our choices.” I’m exploring ideas for my Master’s Project (I’m currently working on my MEd in Curriculum & Instruction and pursuing Special Ed Licensure) and my ideas keep coming back to CE. One of my lines of thinking is how to connect Critical Exploration to Montessori in a junior high/middle school context. Is that even possible? If so I wonder how it could connect.

Another line of thinking is regarding the use of CE with students in special education classrooms-specifically students with ASD, ADHD, or TBI. This question intrigues me. I suspect that CE is an authentic frame to support students who struggle with executive function delays or impairments, in learning content as well as developing memory, social interactions, etc. I also wonder how different types of education (specifically CE vs trad) influence executive function and identity development.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Laugh

Thanks! Jen

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