Critical Explorers Launch Party

Author: Wendy Van Dyke

Posted by Alythea

Just a brief follow-up to a small group discussion at the Launch Party, (comparing two paintings from the Slavery and Reconstruction curriculum.) One person was very excited and said she could use the same technique of observing, asking “What do you notice?” and allowing the group to build off one another with her film students, for film analysis. One person, (a former T-440 student), was a bit frustrated by the lack of closure and/or “answers” after 45 minutes of discussion. Before I could even respond to him, another group member pointed out that this was just a small part of a six week study, and another said that it spoke to the need to redefine “learning”; that learning was not “having all of the answers”, and that the focus should also be on “how to keep learning.” There was a brief discussion on the art of teaching, that it involved knowing/deciding when or if to give certain information to students. In general, the group was energized and excited by the observation/exploration activity, and their concluding comments indicated to me that it gave most of them plenty of food for thought. Yea!

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