Critical Exploration for those who have not taken T440

Author: Corey Brooks

Posted by Alythea

No class at HGSE is more talked about by its students than T440. Unfortunately not all of us had the privilege of spending time in Professor Duckworth’s classroom and it is my understanding that we are currently unable to alter the past. Yet everything I have read and heard about Critical Exploration rings true to me and I would love to be a part of the conversation and use this site as a resource when I transition from student to teacher.

I know there is something special about critically exploring something yourself as a student led by an expert teacher, rather than just reading about the nuts and bolts. What would yall recommend for someone in my position to play catchup?


Sasha Sagan


The first thought that comes to mind: ask if there’s anyone local to your area who could do a CE with you! If you’re in the Boston area, I’d be happy to, and I suspect I’m far from the only one.

In cahoots,

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