2011 Accomplishments

Author: Eleanor Duckworth

Posted by Alythea

In this school year, “the having of wonderful ideas” is unfolding in a growing number of classrooms. I’m very proud to list all that our organization has accomplished in 2011.

Beginning with the Launch Party in February, Critical Explorers…

  • Introduced the new website, criticalexplorers.org, the online teacher resources for our first investigation, Slavery and Reconstruction, and the blog
  • Engaged and energized almost 200 educators, supporters, and friends in simultaneous critical explorations of materials from our first investigation, Slavery and Reconstruction
  • Raised over $32,500 in individual donations, our major source of funding for this year
  • Created a mailing list of over 600 — and growing — educators and supporters who have actively expressed interest in Critical Explorers
  • Received a grant of $5,000 from the Anita L. Mishler Education Fund to support the creation of more online teacher resources for classroom investigations
  • Developed a Critical Explorers teacher workshop model and conducted our first, three-day workshop, “Critical Exploration in the Grade 4 – 12 Humanities Classroom:  An Introduction,” receiving excellent reviews from the participants
  • Conducted several professional development sessions focused on Mesopotamia
  • Beginning in spring 2011, sustained a collaboration with four classroom teachers at Watertown Middle School, where Critical Explorers is written into the 2011 – 2012 School Improvement Plan and is preparing for a classroom residency focused on ancient Greece in spring 2012.

The Board of Directors is extremely grateful to every donor and volunteer for the support that has made this work possible. We look forward to accomplishing even more in 2012!

Eleanor Duckworth is President of the Critical Explorers Board of Directors.

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