Teaching, Learning,
and the Democracy of Ideas

A Talk by
Professor Eleanor Duckworth
Followed by Q&A

A fundraiser to support

Co-sponsored by
The School of Education
at the City College of New York

Photo credit: Cylla von Tiedemann
Saturday, April 24

3:00 PM Eastern Time
via Zoom

Tickets at Eventbrite
Benefactors — $200
Supporters — $50
Teachers / Students / Friends — $20

All funds support the work of Critical Explorers!

This event is recommended by: The Departments of Environmental Studies and Education at Antioch University New England; Alternative Education Resource Organization; Canadian Network of Innovation and Creativity; Critical Exploration Press; Deborah Meier; Defending the Early Years; Emmanuel College School of Education; Equity Lab Community Learning; The Exploratorium, San Francisco; Greenwich Leadership Partners; Rob Riordan, Co-founder, High Tech High; High Tech High Graduate School of Education; Jean Piaget Society; Lesley University WonderLab; Lisa Guisbond, Executive Director of Citizens for Public Schools; Massachusetts Teachers Association; New England Poetry Club; Ottawa Public Education Remake Initiative; Rivendell Schools; Steve Seidel, Director of Harvard’s Arts in Education Program; Paul Tritter, Director of Professional Learning, Boston Teachers Union; Uniting for Children and Youth - UCY.
BECAUSE EDUCATION MATTERS NOW MORE THAN EVER In this time of pandemic and challenge to democracy, education can be an essential vaccine — against lies, racism, conspiracy theories, hopelessness, and cynicism. Now more than ever, we need schools that will connect learners to the power of their own minds. Now more than ever, we all need the opportunity to be learners — to be curious, to ask questions, to not know the answer, to work with each other in order to make sense of the world.

Since 2011, the independent non-profit CRITICAL EXPLORERS has promoted a vision of education that is centered on learners; that invites investigation; that relies on the array of complex and fascinating materials inherent in any subject; that structures opportunities for learners to build their skills through challenges that are real to them. Inspired by Eleanor Duckworth’s work, Critical Explorers supports teachers and students, researches and creates curriculum, provides professional development for teachers, and continually looks for new ways to help build the classrooms we need.

ELEANOR DUCKWORTH, author of The Having of Wonderful Ideas, is a teacher, dancer, lifelong learner, researcher, and writer. A student and translator of Jean Piaget, she developed Critical Exploration in the Classroom out of her effort to make Piaget’s work useful to teachers. She seeks to bring a Freirean approach to any classroom, valuing learners’ experiences and insights. Her interest is in teaching and learning by people of all ages, both in and out of schools. She has worked in curriculum development, teacher education, and program evaluation in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and her native Canada. She is Professor Emerita at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she taught for 32 years.

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